Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hey everyone!
-Riley comes home tomorrow, his tour has been very successful and all things exciting are happening.
-I am still in school, I have gotten used to the hub bub of it all and things are working out well.
-Things I am most excited about:
+Finding out that Lindsey and Jer are preggers! Congrats!
+My nephew Drey is walking!
+His mommy Kim is about to have another wonderful child!
Life is good, and I would love to hear from you. Feel free to call or text or comment.
BTW, I had to get a new phone after mistakenly dropping my old one in the toilet, thus losing a lot of phone numbers so if you would be so kind as to text me your digits!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Riley's back out on the road!

So Riley and his band headed out yesterday for a West Coast tour. Usually, I am pretty used to him leaving but the day before he left the band confirmed a two month tour for March and April. The thought of this bummed me out, maybe because he's going to miss my birthday and our tentative plans to go to Disneyland. I also hardly got to see him last week, he worked nights, slept days and I was in school and doing homework non-stop. When did life get so over-whelming? Anyway, the best of luck to him and his band, hopefully he'll get paid good so we can enjoy Disneyland in May, if we go!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's here, the week I have been anxiously waiting to over come! I start back at UVU tomorrow, in the Elementary Ed Bachelors Program, I have to take this teaching text Sat. morning at 7AM. The test is full of any and all of the weird out of place questions elementary students might ask and I have to be able to answer these questions Sat. at 7AM. Yikes!
So far the year has been mean to Riley and I. He is still working graves at Daniels, our garage door froze, then broke and it won't stop snowing so the repair man won't come out. I had to get new tires on my Jeep and then my brakes started grinding. I thought that now that Christmas was over we might be able to start repairing and saving financially, guess it isn't in the cards for us! HA!
On another note, I added a lovely play list to the bottom of my page. Riley's tour is finally scheduled, he leaves on the 17th, offers have been coming in for the band, so on that side things are looking up! Hopefully they stay up! ;) Love you all. Keep in touch.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So it's New Years Eve and I thought I'd better get back on here and figure somethings out.
Background..check..everything else, I am still lost! HA HA!

Well, looking back on 2008 it started out great and it is ending well complicated! I am going back to school in January, going to try and finally get my BS in Elementary Education. I am worried that financially things will be tight because I will be moving down to 20 hours a week.

Riley just started a new job working for Daniels Academy in Heber. It is boarding school a little like Willow Creek but so far it has proved to be a lot cooler, I really hope it works out for him and us. He has started out having to work graves until they get more kids, right now they are at 2 boys. This is especially hard on nights like tonight, New Years Eve. Oh well, I am slowly and surely falling into life!

Christmas this year was wonderful, it usually is but this year we realized how blessed we are. We are so very grateful for our families and friends who helped make the holidays so magical! We love you all.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here's to something new!

So it seems like everyone and their dogs have something up on blog spot. After always dropping by family and friends pages I decided, I WANT ONE TOO!! So we'll see how this goes! It's late and I have to teach in the morning so I better save the updates until tomorrow so until then!