Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here's to something new!

So it seems like everyone and their dogs have something up on blog spot. After always dropping by family and friends pages I decided, I WANT ONE TOO!! So we'll see how this goes! It's late and I have to teach in the morning so I better save the updates until tomorrow so until then!


LinDsEy ShaUn + JerEMy said...

I am SO SO PROUD that you now have a blog. I knew you would have a change of heart and change over. :)

I totally miss you, sammy, WCS in general. it has been hard ever since I lost that job finding something that I am happy with. WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN. Hey did you know that sammy is getting married? it isn't totally official (no ring), but I am taking there wedding pictures, engagements this coming saturday.
what are you doing? i hope things are well. . . .

Shaharac said...

SAAAHWEEET - you are officially a blogger. Cool. We will this up and going and all cutesie in no time. We had fun with you guys last night. Tom is still laughing at Dad on drugs!